How It Works.

Purge diagram When you open the BodiHeat® pouch and expose the ingredients to oxygen, the iron powder, water and activated carbon start a chemical reaction commonly known as oxidization. This is what generates the heat that delivers long-lasting pain relief to sore muscles, aching backs and knees. No kneading required, BodiHeat begins to activate the moment you open the package and will be ready within 15 to 30 minutes.

BodiHeat is a safe, nonmedicated pain relief pad that works with your own body to spread its pain relieving power beyond the area where it is applied. Its patented, Purge natural mineral powder works with other ingredients to purge pain without medications, smelly creams or messy ointments.

Just 1.3 ounces, BodiHeat packs a lot of pain relief in pads that are lighter, thinner and less noticeable under clothes. Put pain relief where you need it – and keep it there as you move through your busy day.

No fuss. No fumes. No fears.